Boost your Election Campaign with Voice Broadcasting 

15 March 2022

Ringaze is a mass communication technology software that allows you to send voice messages as calls to desired phone numbers at once. Voice Broadcast can be a great way to raise awareness of any event, market a brand, and so on.  

For Nepal’s upcoming elections too, Voice Broadcasting can play an important role. Voice broadcasting is very effective in local elections, where most of the candidates from all around the country use it.

Support of different messaging style enables many ways to do voice broadcasting. Effective election campaign broadcasting can differentiate you from competitors. A few applications of Ringaze in an Election Campaign can be: 

Make yourself memorable among the voters 

Send personalized voice messages to your voters, discussing political issues, bringing light to some existing problems, and more. This can make you stand out from your competitors. To make an brand impression aim to spread your message as widely as possible. But customize your message after each iteration to stay relevant and yet get your message across.

Get out The Vote

It is important that the voters are out on election day, voting so that the legitimacy and trust towards the process and political system can be maintained. Right before election sending out essential messages like polling booth address, election date, polling booth route, and other essential information.

Send festival wishes 

You can also send festival wishes, or occasional wishes to your voters to make them feel special and have better engagement. It can be a way to connect with your audience in ways other than asking for their votes.

Help them connect to your live representatives  

When sending voice broadcasts, you can have an option of “press 1” to know more about the broadcasts, where the audience can press 1 on their keypad to get connected to you or your representative. You can set up a call centre to answer any questions from the audience. When broadcasting about yourself or your goals, it can be helpful to know more about your plans so that you can be more prepared. This is a common practice in and around the world during election campaigns.

Enhance public awareness of political issues 

Some promotional messages may not be interesting to your audience, but staying relevant with your knowledge can be more fruitful. It can be helpful to discuss political issues in specific regions of your election area in order to raise awareness among the voters. This will help you in a position of strength and will help society as a whole. To win elections, you can use voice broadcasting to reach a large audience.

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