Promote your new product updates, special offers and deals when the customers are on hold. This waiting time can be fruitful for acquiring new leads for your new service/product. Or inform the customers of any new changes in the company that might be important for the callers to know about.

When the customers can route themselves to their desired departments. Your Customer Service representatives will no longer have to field the calls and transfer them making the call process much quicker and easier.

With more self-service features and direct routing, the calls tend to be quicker, issues are resolved faster. And by making the self-service feature available to the customer beyond business hours, the customer gets a quick and effective response, improving the customer satisfaction and experience with your company.

When your agent or Customer Service Representatives (CSR) are free from repetitive tasks, call routing and transferring. They are free to handle complex and meaningful tasks requiring a human response. Automation with Multi-level IVR helps during peak time with high call volumes, empowering them and directing employee engagements in impactful works.

Multi-level IVR is very complex and advanced technology. The world has seen its application is advanced IVR Banking, Developmental activities with Toll-free phone numbers for awareness purpose and more. It has capability to adapt to your business communication needs whichever industry you are in. Give us a call to know more or write to us about your queries.

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