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Our Solutions ensures efficient and effective communication with your customers and beneficiaries

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Our solutions ensure efficient and effective communication with your customers and beneficiaries

Automatic Redials
Before running each campaign, you can set the times you can redial to the phone numbers that do not receive the calls on the first try.
Live Monitoring
Monitor all the campaign lines from the dashboard with additional information on the dashboard itself.
Broadcast Overview Bar
Be it for IVR or Voice broadcasting, view all the activities from Broadcast overview bar
Reports and Analytics
Access reports of each broadcast campaign directly from the dashboard, with downloadable formats: csv and excel.
Campaign Scheduling
Set up the campaign, upload recording, contacts, and schedule the campaigns for your desired time.
Review Management
After setting up each campaign, the software will send the campaign for review before running the campaign to ensure there are no errors and the campaign is complete with no mistakes.
Task Management
When you provide the option for beneficiaries to leave a voice message (feedback, complaint), all the voice messages will be sent directly to the assigned email.
Multiple Campaigns
You can run multiple campaigns at the same time, with no limitations
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Ringaze uses through different industries.

We are helping organizations use digital communication platforms like never before. Built unique to their needs!


What our customers say about us

The day we had a meeting, we understood that this is the solution that everyone is looking for.
This will definitely be a game changer towards Digital Nepal. I would like to wish VoxCrow the very best and would highly recommend it from startup to established organization. It’s useful on any segment, be it ecommerce or trading.

Kudos to the team!!!

With Blazon, Voxcrow has effectively changed the way we communicate with communities, from broadcasting PSA to our mass beneficiaries to operating incoming calls to address caller’s queries and requests. Also, it has facilitated measuring the effectiveness of our campaigns and getting feedback, through phone surveys.

Our experience with Ringaze has been great. Ringaze’s systems are user-friendly as our staff learned and adjusted to them quickly.

Besides, customer service is excellent, and requests are swiftly responded by the Ringaze team, which I appreciate the most. From the call logs to contact saving to the systematic record of call, everything is well integrated in the systems that helps in analytical reporting. I highly recommend Ringaze.

Why Choose Ringaze ?

Best Price in Market
Get high quality solution, at the best price in the market
Low Tech
Our software is low-tech for users and especially for the end users
Customizable product
Our various solutions can be merged to create a unique solution that you need
Uninterrupted Support
Get the instant support you require with our dedicated support team
Multi-language product
Personalize the message to desired language of audience with Ringaze.

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Listen to our instant automated voice broadcast now!!!!!!!!!!