Reach Rural areas of Nepal with Voice Broadcasting 

15 March 2022

Ringaze is a voice-based communication technology that can automate bulk calls, provide predetermined information to beneficiaries, conduct surveys, and gain accurate insights and analytics.

Since the target medium is one’s phone, it ensures that the message reaches even to most remote areas regardless of internet availability or literacy.

We believe technology is a powerful tool and social enterprises and nonprofits can use it to amplify the impact of their projects and access a greater mass directly on their phone which can be the best medium when reaching beneficiaries, especially in rural areas. 

It serves many purposes e.g. public service announcements, automated phone surveys for vulnerability analysis, mapping, Post Distribution Monitoring, Remote Engagement Programs, and many more.

Public Service Announcement (PSA) 

PSA is a short message meant to raise awareness about an important issue. The best way to send a public service announcement (PSA) is to reach a large audience through mass voice broadcast, especially among rural populations directly on their phones.

Send Public Service Announcements (PSA) to your beneficiaries regarding important issues like potential flood warnings or precautionary measures, health information, pandemic-related awareness, and so on.  

Remote Learning / Engagement Programs  

Easily connect with students or beneficiaries via phone in remote locations. We can help you create dramatic audio content about any topic and create a timeline to connect with the audience. We can also conduct surveys to check the knowledge of the audience and reward them with a rechargeable mobile phone.

Moreover, you can schedule messages on the basis of working hours, availability of the customer, or local holidays. This way you can ensure that you comply with all telecom regulations regarding promotional campaigning.

Missed Call / Call Back Service 

Generate more participation, and collect more leads with Missed Call/ Call Back service. When participants don’t pay for phone calls, they are more likely to participate in any development projects or surveys. This service allows you to cut off a call and have it sent to the desired process immediately.

Automated Phone Survey 

Ringaze can be used to measure vulnerability in beneficiary systems and to conduct surveys to track progress on projects. You can ask beneficiaries questions and get reports back by recording them. Example: Did you find our awareness campaign on Covid-19 useful? Press 1 if yes, and press 2 if you didn’t, likewise survey can be followed by other questions at once.

The use case of Voice Broadcasting is unlimited, that can be customized based on your projects. Need more details, call us at 9880 555 111 for a consultation!  

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